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Inspired by the beauty of statistical pie charts, and the contrast between their aesthetics and the disturbing information they come to transmit in reports on global inequality, b_side is an appealing set of serving-plates that evoke a sense of empathy through confusion, embarrassment and a pinch of black humour. 


These unique, hand-decorated plates call our curiosity, but instead of satisfying and fulfilling our expectation, they aim to confront us and reveal a darker inner side. 


While the visible outside edge of each plate is decorated with a colourful abstract graphic, its inside - hidden as long as the plate is filled with goods - provides the corresponding dry numbers and harsh data, upon which the graphic is based.


The information served on the plates is compiled from data from global report on economic discrepancies, violations of human rights, unequal opportunities, racism, gender disparity, etc. and reminds us - while leisurely dining - of our personal side in the contemporary global story

* for more information go to:

**for this project Hasson collaborated with art director and designer Fanny Maillet:



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