I "plant” paintings and portraits I have made in the past into a new setting collage. I start with a study, and later play with different portraits and scenes. When a combination of image, setting and portraits ignites my imagination, I tailor a narrative for the characters.


One to Three- Collage- Mixed Media 210*325 cm

just do it_

Just Do It - Collage- Mixed Media 280x210 cm

The Room #1 - Collage- Mixed Media 250x140 cm

Education - Collage- Mixed Media 190x130 cm

Baby # 801 - Collage- Mixed Media 200x220 cm


Two swans - Collage- Mixed Media 200x240 cm

Eve and Eve Collage- Mixed Media 280x220 cm

Women - Collage- Mixed Media 210x265 cm 

not my holly land -להחליף שם ודימוי בדימ

Fused Landscape - Collage- Mixed Media 160x180 cm

Silence #4 - Collage- Mixed Media 300x170 cm 

Hospitalize #3 - Collage- Mixed Media 180x130 cm 

Meating - Collage- Mixed Media 180x240 cm 

yes we can- collage mixed media on canva

Yes we can - Collage- Mixed Media 280x210 cm 

feeling blue - collage mixed media on ca

Feeling blue - Collage- Mixed Media 190x210 cm 

the end collage mixed media on canvas 30

The End - Collage- Mixed Media 300x210 cm 


Infinite Pool - Collage- Mixed Media 280x210 cm 


The Unbearable Sound Of Quiet Sirens - Collage- Mixed Media 280x215 cm


White Flag - Collage- Mixed Media 280x210 cm


Twilight Zone - Collage- Mixed Media 250x210 cm

P1003286 (1).jpg

Expecting - Collage- Mixed Media 240x200 cm


Show must go on - Collage- Mixed Media 280x200 cm

IMG_20200706_140514_996 (2)_edited.jpg

strangers - Collage- Mixed Media 200x240 cm


Happiest day - Collage- Mixed Media 200x240 cm


Light sensitivity - Collage- Mixed Media 180x220 cm