“Background check” project 


“Background check” is a multidisciplinary project which deals with the magnitude by which a person’s background is the single most influential determining factor for how life will unfold. And while there are many examples on how “the sky is the limit” for most citizens in developing countries the background is the limit.


"Background check" collages 


 I use photographs of abused and injured children from developing countries, war zones and plant them in an environment of developed countries, picture perfect, interior designs. I choose images related to child labor, slavery, and exploitation, and being straightforward with the spectators, evoking questions about the chances to get hurt if you are born in one country versis another, or the aesthetic and “chique” of war.

Aleppo Boy #1 - Mixed Media on paper

Aleppo Girl #2 -  Mixed Media on paper

Aleppo Girl #1 -  Mixed Media on paper

Out There - Mixed Media on paper

Will you marry me -  Mixed Media on paper

Ocean blue - Mixed Media on paper

Grounded - Mixed Media on paper

Tin Soldier - Mixed Media on paper

Scratch off Lottery Tickets
Passport Claw Machine Installation
B-side Plate
B- side plate