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Inbar Hasson is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is driven by a deep concern for the numbness and apathy that pervade modern society. Through her art, she seeks to address this drowsiness, offering a wake-up call that we can't afford to ignore. With a background in figurative painting, interior architecture, and Middle East studies, Hasson's practice is informed by a unique combination of technical skills, sensitivity to composition, and a restless interest in history and socio-political matters.

Hasson's work is characterized by a strong intuition and a profound understanding of composition. Her practice is very physical, with a sincere choice of large scale that stems from a physical need and the personal satisfaction it brings. When creating, she thinks about the strong emotional impact she wants her work to evoke. In her work, Hasson explores what she describes as a zone of "in-betweenness," where she combines elements that don't necessarily fit together, creating works that demand an active gaze from the viewer. This metaphorical space is where she delves into the discomfort of uncertainty, where viewers are left alone to interpret the work, responsible for deciding the meaning behind it, and forced, invited, seduced to connect to their own feelings.


In her "Planted" series, Hasson's most developed body of work, she reuses older paintings to create new narratives that oscillate between different possibilities of reality. The series showcases the concept of multilayered personality, reflecting the complexities of human identity. The timing of her work is particularly striking, as it captures moments that are private, moments that viewers are not entitled to see. These moments feel as if they are just before a drama or immediately after it has happened, leaving viewers to fill in the gaps with their imagination and speculate about the main event.

Hasson's practice also includes projects that address global issues with artistry and activism. One such project is "b_side plate," which serves disturbing data on global inequality, human rights violations, or economic discrepancies on the dinner table with a pinch of black humor. This project will be exhibited for a year-long during 2023/2024 as part of GLUE Amsterdam at the Conservatorium Hotel.

Her works have been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the globe, from Amsterdam to New York. Notably, her pieces have found homes in esteemed collections, including the Ashley Longshore collection and the Amstelveen Municipality. Hasson's work "Two Swans" from the "Planted" series was also featured in the Art Laguna Prize at the Arsenale in Venice.

Hasson believes that art is a unique communication channel, through which we are openly exposed to ideas we might otherwise block or be blocked from. Influenced by movements like Effective Altruism, she sees it as her duty to use this platform wisely to shift the discussion to the most pressing issues. She is constantly investigating the spectrum between art and social and altruistic activities, looking for the sweet spot where a convincing, non-compromising overlap exists between her personal studio practice and the role of the artist in her community.

Inbar Hasson's work is a testament to the power of art to evoke strong emotions, challenge societal norms, and spark important conversations. Through her practice, she invites viewers to join her in exploring the complexities of human identity and the pressing issues of our time.

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