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The '#mylifeisamazing' series by Inbar Hasson delves into the superficiality of happiness and success on social media. Drawing from images found online, Hasson reconstructs them into exaggerated scenes of joy, infused with a touch of dark humor. These works, while comical, underscore the inauthenticity and shallow empathy prevalent online, casting a satirical light on our digital personas.

Alongside this body of work, I have launching a new, network-based project that is set to expand and exist in various art spaces. It is an interactive project in which viewers can answer questions that will periodically present. The answers to the questions will be through feedback devices and the viewers will be able to click on different buttons in the style of social media icons that represent their satisfaction, enjoyment or opinion on different topics. The data will be uploaded immediately to a server and the analysis will be graphically displayed in real time.

*The questions I have presented alongside  #MYLIFEISAMAZING exhibition dealt with the inequality of women in the art sector.

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