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In the "Daydreaming" series, Inbar Hasson explores the potential for storytelling and visual intrigue in everyday situations, whether real or imagined. Drawing from moments in her daily life, Hasson identifies situations that hold both narrative potential and visual appeal due to their composition, textures, tonality, contrast, and color combinations. As a mother, many of her paintings are influenced by real-life moments that, upon observation, reveal a narrative potential. Hasson then directs and manipulates these situations to fit her artistic vision, capturing them in photographs that serve as references for her paintings.


The series invites viewers to connect with their own private moments and explore the universality of personal experiences and shared emotions. In Inbar's opinion, in the triangle of work, artist, and viewer, the most intriguing question is not what a painting reveals about the painter, but what it actually tells about you, the viewer


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