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Watch Inbar's official interview for GLUE

Hasson's b_side plate project will debut at GLUE Amsterdam, hosted at the Conservatorium Hotel. After the event, the heart of the exhibition will remain at the lobby of the hotel. You are invite to experience art that meets curiosity, empathy, and reflection, where there's a story waiting to be uncovered.

Extended Display: The main presentation will remain on display at the lobby of the Conservatorium Hotel for an extended period during 2023/2024.

During GLUE All profits will go to Save a Child's Heart and healthcare organizations

The b_side plate project: 

Inspired by the beauty of statistical pie charts on global inequalities and the contrast between their graphic aesthetics and the disturbing information they convey on global inequality, b_side is a unique set of hand-decorated porcelain plates. These plates wish to evoke empathy through confusion, embarrassment, and a pinch of black humor. 

Background Check Collages

Hasson's collages explore the idea that our background is the most significant factor shaping our lives. By taking images related to child labor, children in conflict zones, and child marriage, and placing them into a privileged setting, she tries to evoke questions about destiny and the gaps that exist in our shared humanity.

b_side plate at
GLUE Amsterdam

Exhibition extended for one year!!!

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