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Background Check

Inbar Hasson's 'Background check' project is a multidisciplinary exploration of the undeniable truth that a person's background is the single most influential factor in how their life will unfold. Based on ongoing research into global inequality, Hasson's work confronts viewers with the stark disparities between developed and developing countries, highlighting how factors such as birthplace, gender, and religion shape opportunities and experiences. In a world where many are consumed by their own pursuits of happiness, it's challenging to feel deep empathy for the "other." Through her art, Hasson hopes to bring these topics to the forefront, evoking questions and emotions that may lead to greater awareness and empathy


The series of 'Background check' collages juxtapose images of children from war zones, child labor, child marriage, and child soldiers with pristine interiors from wealthy countries. By placing these children in privileged settings, Hasson highlights the stark contrast between their realities and the potential for a different life. Her work confronts us with the disparities in safety and well-being based on one's background, urging us to consider the profound impact of circumstances beyond our control.


Born from Inbar Hasson's research on global inequality, the 'b_side plate' series is inspired by the contrast between the beauty of statistical pie charts and the disturbing data they convey. These unique, hand-decorated serving plates feature colorful abstract graphics on the outer edges, while their hidden insides reveal the harsh data behind the graphics. The information served on the plates is compiled from global reports on economic discrepancies, human rights violations, and more, confronting diners with their personal roles in the global story. All profits from the 'b_side plate' series go to organizations addressing healthcare inequalities. B_side puts things you care about on the table.

All profits are dedicated to health inequality charities.

Now on Display at GLUE Amsterdam at the Conservatorium Hotel.

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In each breath, they are with us. Indelible parts of the whole.

Each of them has a story. Open their book. (Words by Lorna Lewi)

Coming Home Soon is an interactive installation inviting visitors to engage with personal stories through art and reflection. Featuring 240 books, each representing a hostage, visitors can write their own messages, read others' words of hope, or explore the colorful books.

In collaboration with a dedicated women-only team in the Netherlands and designed by graphic designer Katya Morozkin, this project emphasizes human connection and empathy through art. Each book features artwork created by different artists from around the world, made especially for the hostages. It serves as a reminder that every individual, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or of any other background, has a unique story worth sharing and reflecting upon.

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