I am disturbed and concerned by the general numbness in our society. in art I seek to punch this drowsiness that we can't afford.


“planted”- I reuse old paintings that I have done in the past. Around these existing paintings I tailor a narrative to the” characters”, a plot that is completely new to the creation of the early painting.


Twilight Zone - Different technique on canvas 250x210 cm

just do it__edited.jpg

Just Do It - Different technique on canvas 280x210 cm


Meating - Different technique on canvas 180x240 cm 


Silence #4 - Different technique on canvas 300x170 cm 

IMG_20200706_140514_996 (2)_edited.jpg

strangers - Different technique on canvas 200x240 cm

the end collage mixed media on canvas 30

The End - Different technique on canvas 300x210 cm 


Serenity - Different technique on canvas 280x210 cm 


The Unbearable Sound Of Quiet Sirens - Different technique on canvas 280x215 cm

P1003286 (1)_edited.jpg

Expecting - Different technique on canvas 240x200 cm


Happiest day - Different technique on canvas 200x240 cm


Light sensitivity - Different technique on canvas 180x220 cm